Sourcing and evaluation :

Sourcing is a service in which we harness the skills of the supply industry to best optimize sustainable and competitive advantages for our customers. We partner with our clients to drive value creation by leveraging our mutual time, knowledge-base, sourcing experience, resources, and tools.

Our process develops a secure and responsive supply base that is capable of providing quality, delivery, costs, technologies, flexibility and services to meet the current and future business needs of our clients.

Supplier qualification audit is an essential step in securing your supply chain when selecting new potential suppliers in china & asia. This service guarantees you start manufacturing your goods at a legitimate supplier who can meet your requirements. 

We will conduct an on-site evaluation of the factory to help you to verify suppliers. We assess your supplier’s capability, capacity, credentials, facilities, production line management, workforce, and more. Our checkpoints include but not limited to:

  • Factory profile & experience
  • Production lines
  • Facilities, machinery, and equipment
  • Licenses, certificates, bank account information, etc.
  • Employee working conditions
  • Storage and fire protection
  • Human and ecosystem health