mobile holder

Adjusting the optimum angle between the eyes and the monitor screens while watching videos or meetings on the cell phones and tablets, is one of the most fundamentals for industrial designers to keep the ergonomic applications for the users and protect their health.

ERGO is going to launch his new product WMH001, which is suitable for mobile and tablet users, enabling them to enjoy their time of smartphone application.

mobile holder

Product specifications:

  • Special design
  • High-quality material (Aluminum alloy and high resistant plastic)
  • 4-joints movement
  • Screen-free rotation (at any required angle)
  • Applicable to all 4-10 inches smartphones
  • Resistance to 1 KG load
  • Charging cable port
  • Easy-installation and placing on surfaces

Product applications:

  • Online classrooms (Professors & Students)
  • Online presentations and Influencers
  • Watching videos and Games

Online meetings and videos conferences