Intelligent and innovative –

We develop solutions in modern design that meet
our customers’ requirements and are characterized by originality, functionality
and quality. This is not a coincidence as our mechanism undergo and pass
regularly international testing procedures as EN 1335, British Standard, BIFMA
as well as our own WinWorld standard.

Whether you like to apply
single/Multiuse lever, synchronized or tilt types of mechanism, there would be
many suggestions are applicable.

When it comes to mount mechanisms on office chairs, there are many types, and selecting the right one can make all the difference for long term comfort.

Winworld also offers a wide range of middle to high quality chair mechanisms with great reliability and versatility as main features.


Different types of Tilt, Synchronized, L-shape, Knee, etc. mechanisms which are certified by BIFMA strength tests by the ability of holes distances customization (what enables the manufacturers to adjust in their favorite seats), can all make some exclusively offers for different requests.