Purchasing Management

The order management is a service in which the entire process, from ordering of the goods to preparation for shipping, is conducted. This service proceeds after precise realization of the order and selecting the most proper supplier and starts with updating the documents and order requirements. Win World Co.

elaborates the purchasing plan via experienced planning experts. This plan covers the optimum order volume and optimized timing of conducting each task. The optimum volume of the order is determined based on the storage conditions, shipping restrictions, supplier’s production limits, the need factor of the good and other parameters.

The timing plan addresses the optimum time of production, payments, shipping time and estimating required time for custom release and delivery of the goods. The shipping method and timing is also planned in this service, according to the order’s volume and shipping requirements.

Relying on years of experience, Win World’s business team engages in negotiations with the supplier to tailor an enhanced contract. This contract is professionally adjusted, considering the purchase volume and other considerations of the customer, as well as embedding regulations and rules and quality requirements.

In this service Win World conducts a professional supervision over all progress of the project and contract’s content via communication and project control tool. Win World presents customers with comprehensive and complementary reports of each progress.