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In a survey conducted on average, 86% of office workers around the world say their office chairs are not comfortable. In addition, a good office chair should has standards to prevent damage to the spine. In this article, we are going to discuss about 7 features of a good office chair.


Seating Components in a Good Office Chair

In each chair we have three basic parts as follows:

Gas Spring

Suppose there were no springs on the trunk lid of your car. It would be really heavy to lift, for one thing. There’d be nothing to hold it up in the air when you wanted to load in your shopping, which would be a real nuisance. And, if you let the lid go, it would crash down onto your car’s bodywork, probably doing a lot of damage in the process.


Essentially, a caster is a wheeled device that is mounted to the bottom of each chair leg and allows the chair to easily move and roll. The basic components of any caster include the mount, stem and wheel. There may be additional parts depending on the type of caster and its intended use.



The fundament of each chair is the base: only if the base convinces in terms of quality the total chair can offer its total comfort.

Mechanism for Good Office Chair

The mechanism is a mechanical piece in the seat that is mounted beneath the living room, which gives the chair the ability to move vertically, angle, etc., and in fact is the seat chassis. The mechanism itself consists of components that each have a specific task that we will address in the following.

Seat & Back Rest

When sitting on a surface, the human seat is in direct contact with the surface.
The best way to sit is when the weight of the human body expands to the highest level.
So if you are sitting for a long time, choose a chair that is largely synchronized with the shape of the human seat.
It can help with your heavy division, as it rests on one part of the body, thereby reducing pressure on other parts.


In a Good Office Chair categories must be adjustable. They should allow the user’s arms to be comfortable and the shoulders to relax. The elbow and forearm should rest and the forearm should not press the arm back while typing.


Office chair coverings are best suited to the climate because in tropical areas the fabric can be a better choice. But the fabric and color should not be too dirty. But it is the fault of the leather to heat and sweat it.