If the average business person or desk-bound fellow were to determine how much time they spend in their office chair, they would be surprised. At 44 hours per week, they’d rack up approximately 2000 hours over the course of a year. Multiply that by the average number of years a person works, and it is easy to see that a large portion of one’s life is spent in an office chair. Therefore choosing to buy an office chair is more important than other office furniture.

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Adjustable Seat Height

The height should be adjusted such that the user looks directly at the monitor. The height can vary from 40 to 53 centimeters approximately off the ground.

Width and Depth of The Seat

The width and depth of the seat should be commensurate with your body, in which case your skeletal health will be maintained.


Lumbar Support

Naturally everyone’s back has an arch. So sitting too much on buying an office chair without any support can cause damage to the lower body.

Therefore, the chair should be able (and should be adjusted) to support our back. Remember, if your waist is properly supported, it will ensure that you can sit for long periods without any discomfort.

Armrest to buy an office chair

The armrest is very important for the comfort of the user.

Essentially, your arms and shoulders should be relaxed when on the armrest.

Keep in mind that your elbows and lower arms should rest lightly on the armrest.

It may be beneficial to have a chair with detachable armrests, so that there won’t be any hassle when performing work that requires more mobility.


Undoubtedly the quality of the raw materials has a great influence on the quality of the chair. But the quality of the seat you want depends on the need, purpose, and length of use of the seat.

If you want to use the computer for a long time, a cloth chair may be more useful than leather.

A long story short, leather chairs are easier to clean for edible cleaners.